10 Reasons to Attend CMS Africa Summit 2019

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the CMS Africa Summit 2019, here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. We bring the experts to you in one place: CMS Africa Summit is a continental summit that brings together global and African tech and business experts.
2. Debut of the summit in South Africa: This is the first time that CMS Africa will be held in South Africa, it has previously been held in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Rwanda. So, if you are in the South African tech industry this is definitely an event don’t want to miss this year as it moves to another country in Africa next year!
3. Learning and growth opportunities: You have the opportunity to learn from international and local experts.
4. Networking opportunities: It’s about who you know more than what you know. Use this event to meet and talk to influencers and experts.
5. Latest trends: It can be hard to keep up with all the relevant industry changes, by attending summits you expand your network and learn from others, ensuring that you are aware of what is happening in your industry.
6. Change of scenery: It can become tiresome sitting in an office day after day, this provides you with an opportunity to learn in a new environment.
Listening to those with experience in your field can provide you with a range of new ideas to try in your own business or the company you work for.
8. Problem-solving: You may be experiencing a problem in your line of work that someone else may also have experienced, this provides you with an opportunity to pick brains and find the best solution to your challenge.
9. Learn beyond your skill-set: Learn other skills or information from other areas in tech that will help your professional development.
10. Have fun: All work and no play makes life very dull, have fun while learning and networking in a new, creative environment.

View the schedule and contact us if you have any queries! We look forward to seeing you there.