Bob Ochieng

Engagement Manager, ICANN

Oversee, lead and execute, organization’s engagement in region with all stakeholders, including governments, and senior officials, the academic, business and legal communities, and non-commercial interests.

Monitor, identify and analyze Internet related developments, public policy issues and trends, and impact on strategy in region, and translate into practical plans.

Develop organizations work in region, including internal coordination and external partnerships.

Analyze local and regional developments and create reports and communications such as position papers and reports to communicate ICANN’s global strategy.

Engage in regional and international Internet governance dialogues, including strategy to address issues affecting organization.

Topic: Universal Acceptance and IDNs for Universal Access

Topic Description:

The concept that all domain names should be treated equally: To achieve Universal Acceptance, Internet applications and systems must treat all TLDs in a consistent manner, including new gTLDs and internationalized TLDs. Specifically, they must accept, validate, store, process and display all domain names.




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