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I am a software developer based in Cape Town passionate about the IT industry and it’s potential to bring about a positive impact on the world. I also enjoy making developer’s lives easier by thinking through current software development standards, and how to best utilize them to allow developers to focus on what they really want to do. I am also a proponent of open source software, as I believe it’s foundational for creating an equitable society that benefits all.


WPooW – An object oriented wrapper for creating WordPress themes or plugins

Topic Description:

In this session I delve into creating WordPress themes and plugins using a library I wrote, WPooW. This library approaches creating WordPress themes or plugins in a simplified, object oriented way. This library does this by abstracting most of the code associated with creating items like custom Post Types and providing API calls to handle interacting with these items. The session will be loosely based on the example found at http://wpoow.devchid.com (docs site). The session will also touch on items to consider when thinking about creating themes or plugins in an object oriented way.

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