Kenya, Na: CMS Africa and Google PLC is proud to announce that the CMS Africa Summit, Africa’s most premier networking tech event, will be held virtually, in 2021. The summit, a project of CMS Africa, is well known for congregating global thinkers, speakers, and delegates.

It is a top-rated event which hosts the best in the world of technology including innovators in the tech industry, tech business owners, web and mobile design experts, designers of e-commerce solutions, and experts from the online business and online exchange world. Attendees of the summit cover a wide swathe of the innovative tech industry, and range from bloggers and web/mobile app designers to e-commerce and online store builders.

An African giant taking huge strides in the growth of its innovative tech sector, in 2020, Accra, Ghana will be placed on the map as the premier destination point of the best in the global tech industry. Ghana will become the latest in a number of African countries through which the CMS Africa Summit has rotated over the years, reaching a broad and diverse audience.

The summit was first held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015. Since then, past events have held in Abuja (Nigeria), Kampala (Uganda), Kigali (Rwanda), and Cape Town (South-Africa). The summit will feature presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussions, interactive breakout sessions and workshops, and a wide variety of refreshments.

The event provides a networking opportunity for not only web and mobile design experts but also brings together entrepreneurs in the tech industry, start-ups, industry leaders, academics, investors, diplomats and government officials. Delegates from the health sector, telecom, media, banking and financial institutions, and open source industries located in Africa and beyond, will also be in attendance.

The platform provides a prime opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and showcase innovative methods and solutions being used to address the challenges which Africa and the world face in the tech environment. Industry giants and other businesses will get a chance to popularize their brands and mingle with potential clients. Speaker registration is also available this year and signing up provides a remarkable opportunity to be heard and seen by a first-rate audience of the best brains in the tech industry.      

In prior years, the CMS Africa summit has had amazing partners, sponsors and collaborators who are ready to invest in the changes being brought to the face of the tech industry in Africa and beyond. Some of our top-rated partners include Google, IBM, WordPress, Joomla!, Uber, Semantica, Automattic, I&M bank, and many other industry giants. Customizable sponsorship packages  are available and come with the benefits like exclusive access to the summit materials, workshops and executive lounges, as well as enhanced brand visibility, demo spaces and many more elite packages.

Since the turn of the century, CMS Africa has been invested in building communities. The CMS Africa Summit is similarly geared towards powering growth and building lasting relationships in the tech sphere. Next year, the CMS Africa summit taking place in Ghana, Accra, is open to more partnerships and is looking for collaborators to join the heroes already making a difference in the innovative tech industry. Join us today to change the world and step into a new era!

About CMS Africa: CMS Africa is a non-governmental organization. We offer support and training to established and start-up web, app and systems development companies/firms who use proprietary content management and open source systems. We also run the CMS Africa Academy to provide training in various web and mobile applications. We partner with African and global companies/organizations to host the CMS Africa Summit and the Africa Cybersecurity Summit. Our HQ is in Nairobi, Kenya.

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