Dane Rossenrode

Team Leader @Touchdreams

Having started his business as a freelancer several years ago, I now run a small agency focused on designing and building high quality websites for our clients. We particularly love using Drupal. When not working, I’m reading, cooking, or dancing.

Topic: The site owner experience across platforms

Topic Description:

Every web platform has its strengths and weaknesses, whether we’re talking about open-source CMSs like Drupal and WordPress, or proprietary platforms like Squarespace or Shopify. Ultimately, what matters most is the user experience, for the site visitor, as well as the client, or whoever will be managing the site. In this presentation, we’re going to explore the strengths and weaknesses of backends (when logged in) of several of these platforms. We’ll look at who they’re designed for, how they present (or hide) features, and how they achieve their objectives. Then we’ll look at some strategies we can implement to ensure our clients have great experiences using their sites.

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