Google Becomes A Title Sponsor Of The CMS Africa Summit 2021

by May 25, 20210 comments

Google Becomes A Title Sponsor Of The CMS Africa Summit 2020

This year, CMS Africa and top-tier multinational tech company, Google, are working together in another partnership to ensure the successful hosting of the CMS Africa 2021 Summit. The premier tech event is a project of CMS Africa held annually in African cities. It offers a variety of speaker sessions, workshops, and other activities tailored to cover the interests of the global and African tech industry. Since its inception, the tech conference has grown bigger, with the number of attendees increasing significantly each year. Thousands of businesses and information tech and web design/development professionals will congregate to discuss several issues faced by the tech community, learn from industry leaders, expert speakers, and academics, and showcase new tech.

Visionaries in the tech community, tech industry giants, and other experts will gather in Accra this year at a venue intended for idea exchange and networking. Together, they will address the demands of a new tech era, suggest and showcase solutions to reach innovative frontiers in web design and development, financial tech, and tackle many more topics. Individuals and organizations involved in the tech industry will enjoy an opportunity to engage with old customers and gain new ones, collect lead opportunities, and explore new products.

With the support of sponsors like Google, the CMS Africa Summit 2021 promises to be another exceptional convergence of the best brains in the tech community. Google has long been a partner in progress with CMS Africa and is once again working together with an array of other sponsors to help make the event a success. The CMS Africa 2021 Summit sponsors are made up of a host of IT decision-makers, top influencers, and industry behemoths. While contributing to the growth of the tech community, they will also gain the advantage of sharing their brand message, driving awareness, and boosting their visibility to tech leaders and business people from all over the globe.


More About Google

Often referred to as one of the foremost Big Four tech companies in the world, Google LLC specializes in web products and services. Founded since 1998, the company’s rapid expansion has cemented its place as a forerunner in the current tech era. Its acquisitions, subsidiaries, products, and partnerships have made it an invaluable resource to its customers in every part of the world, and its services continue to evolve rapidly. Its primary office is located in California, USA, and with 114,096 employees, Google LLC is regarded as one of the world’s top employers, hiring up to 4000 employees yearly.

Its products and services are numerous, amongst which are;

  • Search engine: With billions of web pages indexed, Google is the dominant search engine globally.  
  • Consumer services: These include invaluable services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube, etc., all of which have become near-permanent and essential parts of the internet landscape, servicing over one billion active users every month.
  • Software: These include IoT-enabled smart devices, an operating system for mobile, web browsers, and an operating system.
  • Hardware: Google has products like Nexus – an android phone, the Chromebook, the Chromecast dongle, Google Cardboard, a voice assistant device, a VR headset, and Google Wi-Fi routers.
  • Online advertising services: The company generates substantial revenue from providing Google Ads services.  
  • Enterprise services: This refers to paid subscriptions to access services like cloud computing, admin tools, etc.

In 2020, Google is once more joining the ranks of long-standing and forward-thinking sponsors who have shown a commitment to strengthening the Open Source community and supporting CMS Africa to convene leaders and enthusiasts in the tech community successfully. The tech conversations, discussions, and workshops at CMS Africa 2020 will redefine the tech landscape and assist tech leaders in progressing in sync. Google’s title sponsorship of the event will contribute to advance the pace of tech innovation and create lucrative intersections to power the tech industry worldwide.