Hugh Lashbrooke

Community Manager, Global WordPress Community 

Hugh works at Automattic where he is a Community Manager for the global WordPress community. Though he’s a developer at heart, his passion is to work on programs that support this great open-source community. When he’s not working with WordPress users all over the world, you can find him spending time with his wife and children at home in Cape Town.

Topic:  Becoming a Good Open-Source Citizen

Topic Description:

The nature of open-source means that everyone involved in the project, whether as a user or contributor, is responsible for how they engage with the rest of the community. With most open-source projects being both global and online, it can be tough to navigate relationships, collaboration and involvement. How do you work alongside others online? How do you engage with contributors from other cultures? How do you make decisions across timezones? What do you do when conflicts arise? These challenges aren’t necessarily exclusive to open-source, but the solutions can be very unique and understanding your role as an open-source citizen will help you handle them effectively.


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