Marina Pape

Marketing Brand Manager @Automattic
Marina Pape is a marketer with a degree in Psychology and English Literature and a slight obsession with anthropomorphism. Since joining WooCommerce in 2014, she has worked on various aspects of digital marketing. Her current focus is WooCommerce brand management. As a non-coder, she has contributed to the WordPress project by running two do_action charity hackathons in Lebanon (2017, 2018) and also runs a social enterprise to generate an income for Syrian refugees.

Topic: Tactics for eCommerce Marketing: Physical Products, Software, Subscriptions & Handcrafts

Topic Description:

Different types of eCommerce products require different types of marketing. What you’re selling should determine how you sell it. Learn some tactics for how to sell physical products, digital downloads, subscriptions, and handmade goods – as well as what to expect as your business grows.

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