Shadrack Serem

Co Founder, CMS Africa

Shadrack Serem is a co-founder and senior developer with Netrix Business Systems (www.netrixbiz.com), a software firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also the co-lead for CMS Africa an organization offering training and support to established and start-up firms who operate in the area of web, app, and systems development. We collaborate with companies and organizations in Africa & around the world to host CMS Africa Summit every year. He is actively involved in Open Source and his enthusiasm can be seen at JoomlaDay Kenya where he leads the yearly event that brings together the local Joomla Community.
Topic:  A-Team 
Topic Description:  The tips and tricks to assembling an A-Team. Assembling a team of developers is one of the biggest challenges a CTO will face, No matter how great the idea, it’s the people in your team who will make the idea become a successful product.


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