TYPO3 Partners With The CMS Africa Summit

by May 25, 20210 comments

TYPO3, leading developer of Enterprise Content Management System, has initiated another stellar partnership, becoming a proud sponsor of the CMS Africa Summit 2021. The exclusive summit is one of the foremost tech networking events held globally and is a melting pot for businesses, individuals, and enthusiasts in the tech world to learn, assemble and network their goods and services. Speakers and delegates from every part of the world attend the summit, as well as a multitude of top-rated brands and behemoths in the tech industry. Hosted by CMS Africa, the event regularly boasts the best and brightest in the mobile and web software development industry as a part of its attendance register.  

CMS Africa and TYPO3 have embarked on a mutually beneficial and trusting partnership to take the summit to greater heights. As a sponsor and partner of the CMS Africa summit, TYPO3 has joined the ranks of other forward-thinking companies and brands that are investing their resources in ensuring the exponential growth and progress of the African and global tech community. This select group of sponsors also enjoy a plethora of opportunities and exclusive packages at the tech summit. Improved brand visibility, demo spaces, an opportunity for marketing, unrestricted access to leisure events and workshops, and full summit passes are only a few of the opportunities that come with sponsorship.


About TYPO3

Top-rated in the tech industry for its user-friendly and widely-used Enterprise Content Management System, TYPO3 develops intuitive tech that creates and manages a wide variety of digital content. Since 1997, the company has been at the forefront of creating resilient systems that are continuously developed to handle the evolution of the digital landscape. The company designs tested and trusted CMS technology that meets regulatory compliance, ensure security, and is innovative and adaptive enough to deliver better ROI for digital projects.

Based in Dusseldorf, TYPO3 is powered by a team of dedicated developers, marketers, and writers who are invested in redefining the technology of the future. The company has a flourishing global community backed by over 900 members, which include editors, designers, and translators. With such diverse and regular input, their user-friendly CMS is designed to adapt to customer needs and remain up-to-date.  

Their renowned TYPO3 CMS has several features, including;

  • 100% open source: Trustworthy and safe investment with no hidden agenda or potential license issues.
  • Scalable: Supplies built-in caching and high-speed lean API access which enables the TYPO3 to grow along with businesses.
  • Multi-language functionality: Supports multi-language sites and so provides highly flexible and field-tested solutions for diverse countries or markets.
  • Mobile friendly: Has a version that supports HTML5. Such support on mobile apps and responsive websites enable its use on tablets and smartphones, which is invaluable in a fast-paced tech era.
  • Security: Uses the CVSS to monitor and analyze potential security issues, and keeps customers informed of possible threats.


TYPO3 is enthusiastic about being a part of a sustainable and flexible tech culture that can meet the needs of any audience in today’s digital landscape and that of the future. With over 9 million downloads and a variety of features and modules for its CMS, 15 years of experience, and an active community, the company is poised to become part of a necessary global tech conversation.

“We burn for our powerhouse CMS – and we enjoy sharing sparks to spread the fire! At TYPO3 GmbH, we have a philosophy of sharing our knowledge and providing expertise for both agencies and freelancers. And we also believe in combining software development, communication, and pleasure. We are proud to be a part of CMS Africa 2020!” – Olivier Dobberkau, CEO TYPO3.

Working hand in hand, TYPO3 and CMS Africa are committed to hosting and convening a successful tech event at the upcoming CMS Africa Summit 2020. The networking, marketing, sales and learning opportunities provided by the event are geared towards developing the tech and business environment in Africa and the world, and TYPO3 is undoubtedly a vital part of that global movement.