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Accra Marriott Hotel

Accra, Ghana

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Adedayo Adeniyi 


CTO| Jibi Tech | Nigeria

Adedayo is CTO at Jibi Tech Ltd, CSO at Sisu Prime Aromatherapy and CSM at Orion Origin LLC. She has passion for all things CMS and Open Source and was the host for CMS Africa Summit Abuja, Nigeria in 2017.


Managing Your Customers 

Many businesses focus on marketing strategies that lure in the customers, who in turn make the first sale… then thank them for their purchase and do nothing.
Customer Success goes beyond Customer acquisition and entails ensuring the clients that do come your way become lifelong loyal supporters of your business. Adedayo will show you steps that have worked for countless businesses that have achieved Customer Success over the years and how you can put them to work in yours.