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Accra Marriott Hotel

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Once again, Automattic, a global software company for premier blogging and site-building services, is partnering with CMS Africa for the CMS Africa Summit 2020 taking place this March. CMS Africa’s annual summit has been running since 2014 and is anticipated to be another mentally stimulating and ceiling-breaking meeting of thought leaders in the African and global tech industry.

So far, it has rotated around six African cities; all the way from the busy hub of Cape Town to the picturesque landscape of Rwanda. This year, the tech event heads to the breath-taking capital city of Ghana, Accra.

An annual project of CMS Africa, the tech summit is powered by the support of invaluable sponsors like Automattic. It brings together bloggers, web and mobile designers, fintech developers, and other tech experts. Also frequent attendees are entrepreneurs, tech startups, investors, and even academics, eager to network, showcase and share their skill, knowledge, products and services.  The summit has quickly become a permanent part of the African tech landscape and yearly, fuels the conversation about how to sustainably grow and improve business, promote open source, and keep apace in a rapidly-advancing tech age. Sponsors of the event are uniquely positioned to invest their time and resources into the progress of the global tech community and, simultaneously, experience better visibility and access branding opportunities.

No stranger to being a significant part of the largest tech convention in Africa, this is Automattic’s sixth time of playing a sponsorship role at CMS Africa’s yearly tech summit. The long and mutually beneficial partnership once more places Automattic on the list of elite sponsors who are invested in giving as much as they’re getting.

The summit’s sponsors represent a large swathe of tech industry forerunners that have shown their commitment to advancing the global tech community, a niche into which Automattic fits comfortably with its advocacy on open source matters and democratizing publishing.   

Who’s Automattic?

Automattic is a privately-held software company that has been providing premier blogging and site-building services since 2005. It is famous for being the powerhouse behind, and they’re a major contributor to the WordPress open source platform, which powers 35% of all sites on the web.


Automattic’s family of products includes ecommerce platform WooCommerce, site management toolkit Jetpack, enterprise platform WP VIP, and the global social media platform Tumblr. The company is fully distributed, with more than 1,100 employees working from 72 countries.


By working with CMS Africa on this year’s summit, Automattic is once again playing its part in powering the evolution of the African tech space by encouraging diversity, inclusion and the need for Open Source.

Some of the company’s products include;

  • A globally renowned blogging platform that is run on open source software
  • Akismet: Capable of being integrated with various blogging platforms, it is a comment spam filtering system.
  • Gravatar: An online service for creating avatars that are globally recognized by many websites
  • Jetpack: A site management toolkit for WordPress
  • Simplenote: A synced note-taking application that is open-sourced
  • Longreads: Also powered by WordPress, is an online platform for finding, reading and contributing written content
  • VaultPress: A service that provides security and backup for WordPress sites
  • WooCommerce: A customizable open-source e-commerce plugin that works with WordPress and is used for building online stores.
  • Tumblr: A social networking and micro-blogging website


Automattic’s goal is to empower the developer of today and tomorrow by building a new web that is more open and diverse. The company contributes to several open source and non-profit projects and is passionate about advancing its primary mission –making the web a better place. By working with CMS Africa on this year’s summit, Automattic is once again playing its part in powering the evolution of the African tech space by encouraging diversity, inclusion and the need for Open Source.