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Dr. Divine Anye


Africa Journal for Technology Collaboration, USA

Dr Divine Anye was born in his native town of Bamenda-Cameroon. He attended He proceeded to attend secondary and high school in Bamenda and later the University of Douala Cameroon where he graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences in Electrical Engineering. He then migrated to the United States of America where in 2000. Dr. Divine Anye is the Founder and CEO of Infos Pro Solutions LLC, a Cyber Security Expert, Educator and Youth Empowerment Program Organizer.

Dr. Anye has worked on both Government and Private Sectors across Multi-National and Ethic groups. He has trained and supported many youths and adults across different regions and field of study. Through his extensive Cybersecurity and Technology education activities, he has touched a wide range of graduates who have acquired gainful employment and career skills in the discipline. Dr. Anye’s Bachelor’s Degree majored in Electrical Engineering specialized in the Production, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy with a minor in Pedagogy.

Upon graduation he taught Physics and Circuit Electricity to Technical schools in Cameroon before migrating to the United States of America. Dr. Anye serves in the United States Navy as an Information Professional Officer during which he has obtained a Master of Arts degree in Emergency and Disaster Management at American Military University.

Understanding the Natural Threats to Critical Infrastructures particularly Power Systems was important to him pursuing such a degree. While still in the Navy, Dr Anye developed interests in Cyber Security and took extensive training both academically along with industry certifications. Dr. Anye currently holds a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University. He is also working on a research-based PhD in Technology at Capitol Technology University; researching on Technology Intelligence. With the current drive for transformation and Innovation, Dr. Anye has taken Executive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses at Georgetown University, Massachusetts Institutes of Technology and University of California Berkeley Haas. Other than working as a consultant for the government and managing Infos Pro Solutions LLC, Dr Anye is a full time professor at National Intelligence University’s School of Science and Technology Intelligence, teaching Cyber Intelligence Courses to the US Intelligence Community, Cyber Security Adjunct Professor at University of Maryland University College (UMUC), supports the National Cyber and Communications Integration Center at the DHS National Programs and Protection Directorate and a volunteer to Capitol Technology University’s International Advancement program supporting African Universities interested in starting cybersecurity programs.


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