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Accra, Ghana

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Accra Marriott Hotel

Accra, Ghana

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Daniel Fau


CEO | DFAU | Germany

Relying on a background in advertising and publishing, Daniel has been part of TYPO3’s target group since 2000\. This of course led into making use of TYPO3, which has been serving best for him since 2006. He really likes to work and to enable colleagues and customers to reach their goals.

Sadly, he’s having a hard time reducing quality over resources. But luckily this fits the “work smarter, not harder”-approach. And he really likes to talk about basic principles that lead to better quality, business and satisfaction in the workplace. Strolling through the office, Daniel is mostly followed by his dog. Besides business, he’s trying to pursue any hobby which includes engines.


TYP03: Unlimited extensibility and flexibility

In 2018, we went out to explore new markets with TYPO3 by releasing our website builder toujou. One year later we served more than 200 websites, pitches and concepts on standardized SaaS. Learn more about the service, best-practice, helping desperate users and cleaning up prejudices about TYPO3.