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Accra Marriott Hotel

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Elisa Foltyn 


CEO| CoolCat | Germany

With my degree in Marketing and Media Design I have all the qualifications for consultancy, concepts, design work and full web site development. In the online business I work with the popular Content Management System, Joomla. I’m an active part of the community and worked, as a volunteer, as the Joomla! Design Lead from 2015 to 2016\. I speak at both national and international conferences and in October 2017 I released, as a co-author, a Joomla! Book in the German language. My customers are mid-size and larger companies from all over the world. My home base is in Nuremberg, Germany, I love to travel and virtually I am available anyway!


 Showcase: Joomlas Power of Overrides and Custom Fields

Many CMS need plugins and extensions to achieve something. With Joomla it’s easy to achieve powerful views and functions with overrides and custom fields. I will show different examples of projects and provide information when any why it’s better not to rely on 3rd party extensions when creating websites.