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Accra Marriott Hotel

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Kuba Zwolinsky



Kuba Zwolinski is a founder and CEO of Snowdog, unified commerce research & development company. He is also a Vice Chair of Magento Association, organization that advances and empowers the global community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education and thought leadership.
Starting back in 2005 as a freelance web devloper, created a successful global commerce agency combining programming experience with open source based business models.
Snowdog is serving clients worldwide with 75+ team as a Magento & Adobe Enterprise Partner. Aside from main buisness, Kuba dedicates free time to volunteer at Magento Association to promote open collaboration and “sharing economy” around the world. For last two years Kuba is also involved in building so called “hydrogen economy” with Meet Hydrogen project, creating strategy for alternative “green” fuels and related technologies.


Open Source & Open Collaboration In Enterprise Commerce

Free and open source software is now an every day thing but can it work for enterprise business? Some examples how including open collaboration and open source software in global commerce strategies helped business and their missions.