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CMS Africa is pleased to announce a partnership with Mailpoet, the top-rated email and newsletter plugin for WordPress, for the CMS Africa Summit 2020.

The annual summit is one of Africa’s leading tech conferences for professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in the digital business and tech fields to meet, discuss, exchange ideas, and discover emerging technology. The event has experienced growth since its inception in 2014, with attendees flocking in from every corner of the globe. 

A multitude of entrepreneurs, startups, academics, top brands, and the best minds in web design and development are expected to network, form new alliances, and partake in other activities at the 3-day event slated to take place in Accra, Ghana this year.

The latest products and services in tech design will also be on display, and a line of speakers are scheduled to share their expertise and insights about the tech space/business productivity in a series of thought-provoking and enlightening sessions. 

In-depth workshops to showcase new and emerging tech using a hands-on approach are also part of the experience.

Mailpoet has joined the ranks of valued sponsors who are partnering with the CMS Africa Summit to make the event another memorable occasion.

The company is providing a subscription plan for 10,000 subscribers as part of their input towards elevating the conference, which is aimed at ensuring a rewarding confluence of the best and brightest in the African and global tech space.

Like other sponsors of the tech conference, they are confirming their enthusiasm for the tech landscape’s overall growth and their dedication to encouraging open source tech for a better web.    

Mailpoet: What It’s About

Mailpoet is one of WordPress’s most popular plugins and was founded in France in 2011 by four developers working remotely. It is a user-friendly and intuitive email and newsletter plugin exclusively built for WordPress sites. 

The plugin caters to the needs of independent users, creative freelancers, small or large businesses that send out weekly newsletters, as well as WooCommerce store owners that need to send a large volume of emails to their customers. 

Over time the company has grown to a still remotely-working staff of 13 talented and passionate developers and digital experts who are spread around Europe and the United States.

The team is led by Kim Gjerstad, Co-founder and CEO of Mailpoet. Mailpoet is proudly open source, and its developers prioritize transparency and freedom of information.

After a recent rewrite to optimize its reliability and speed, the plugin has evolved to deliver better service and currently powers about 300,000 websites and retains a client base of over 8000.

This growth is largely because of its user-friendly interface, beautiful templates, and incredible global delivery rate. With a workforce that has over three decades of consistently improving, the plugin is currently one of the top 50 most downloaded and most highly-rated WordPress plugins.

Mailpoet comes with several handy features on both its free and premium plans. Using the plugin, WordPress site users can;

  • Allow their website visitors join their mailing list and sign up as newsletter subscribers
  • Send unlimited emails and newsletters to their subscribers using the plugin’s sending service
  • Send automated email notifications and an instant welcome message to new subscribers
  • Learn about their subscribers using advanced analytics and get same-day customer support on the premium plan
  • Increase online sales by accessing email marketing for WooCommerce

Mailpoet is invested in supporting open source projects, communities, and organizations that share the vision of creating a more open and transparent digital space.

As part of this initiative, they are partnering with the CMS Africa Summit 2020 to empower the spread of open source message and make the tech conference another successful outing.