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Accra Marriott Hotel

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WordPress’s most popular SEO plugin, Yoast, is coming on board as a sponsor of the CMS Africa Summit 2020. An annual tech conference that rotates through major African cities, the event serves as a hotbed for discussions concerning web design and development, e-commerce, and the future of the global tech landscape. 

Attendees are usually software and web developers, tech giants, high-profile brands, global speakers and delegates, and those invested in the African and global tech landscape.

The summit is one of the projects of CMS Africa, and Yoast is partnering with the organization for the 7th edition taking place in Accra, Ghana. 

The SEO plugin will be sponsoring a networking and charging station, a partnership that makes Yoast one of a select group of valued sponsors who are playing a vital role in ensuring the successful convening of tech enthusiasts and leaders at this year’s CMS Africa Summit.

Every year, forward-thinking companies and brands that are determined to give back to the tech community and empower the use of open source tech, invest their time and resources into the summit.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship as such sponsors are also entitled to various top-tier packages and special privileges like unrestricted access, full summit passes, and an opportunity to strategically share their brand message to an interactive and interested audience.


Some More Info About Yoast

The first version of the SEO plugin for WordPress sites was developed in 2010 under the name WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Yoast. In 2012, it was renamed Yoast SEO. 

The Yoast head office is located in the Netherlands, and currently has a diverse workforce of over 90 employees, with Marieke van de Rakt acting as the CEO. The company has experienced growth since its inception because of its use of its continuous innovation and improving performance.  

The Yoast plugin is a favorite of users, among other paid or free SEO plugins. It currently services more than five million WordPress site users and has been downloaded over 200 million times. Its widespread use has cemented its position as an essential WordPress plugin.

The mission of Yoast is to enable both small and large websites to maintain a highly visible online presence in the midst of a million other websites and gain organic traffic with quality content. It is user-friendly, and using its interface requires limited to no coding knowledge.

What The Plugin Does

With the plugin’s multifaceted approach to SEO, WordPress site users can enjoy better visibility and online reader engagement. Depending on the plan they subscribe to, WordPress site users can access several useful features. 

They can improve web content by optimizing it for keywords and key phrases, analyze readability, and access internal linking. They can also increase their ranking because content can be hidden from search engines and avoid being duplicated. Other perks include access to SEO scores and snippet reviews, metadata management, regular updates, and customer support.

A Partnership Strengthened By A Shared Vision

Yoast is not new to empowering others in the tech space. The company has an SEO training academy, the Yoast Academy, and is passionate about giving back to the tech community and championing open source. 

They believe SEO should be for everyone. This year, Yoast is choosing to partner with CMS Africa because they both share a common belief; that open source should be the standard, to aid the achievement of innovative solutions that benefit both the tech community and the world. 

Each edition of the conference has played an active role in empowering African entrepreneurs and start-ups, and keeping those invested in digital business and financial tech aware of the latest in emerging tech and business practice. Working together, Yoast and CMS Africa are joining forces to keep this momentum going forward.